Faster, NASA, Faster – NYT Op-Ed

In Silicon Valley we have a saying: launch early, launch often. It’s an acknowledgment that successful, innovative companies are the ones that rapidly try new ideas, see what works, improve their products and repeat. Businesses that launch frequently are also able to take advantage of economies of scale to make launchings faster and easier. In many ways, the key to innovation is speed of execution.


CSIS Commission On China

CSIS has launched a high-level Commission, co-chaired by former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Hank Greenberg of C.V. Starr & Company, to help shape a more constructive and effective American approach to the U.S.-China relationship.


Gravitational tractor for towing asteroids – Nature

We present a design concept for a spacecraft that can controllably alter the trajectory of an Earth-threatening asteroid by using gravity as a towline. The spacecraft hovers near the asteroid, with its thrusters angled outwards so that the exhaust does not impinge on the surface. This proposed deflection method is insensitive to the structure, surface properties and rotation state of the asteroid.


Asteroid Tugboat – Scientific American

On an average night, more than 100 million pieces of interplanetary debris enter Earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, most of these bits of asteroids and comets are no bigger than small pebbles; the total weight of the 100 million objects is only a few tons. And our planet’s atmosphere is thick enough to vaporize the vast majority of these intruders.


Space Blog – Ed’s Musings From Space

Greetings Earthlings! I’ve always wanted to say that. Now that things are beginning to settle down here a bit, I wanted to tell you a little bit about what life is like up here on ISS, and some of the things that make this such a special place.


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